SOIT Activities in the Year 2011

Most notable events:

  • SOIT submitted a law proposal to the Parliament of the Slovak Republic which would make the usage of public licenses possible in Slovakia
  • OSSConf2011 conference in Žilina
  • A successful campaign against censorship of the Internet in Slovakia.
  • SOIT became a member of the Commission for the standardization of information systems in public administration at the MoF SR


  • October 2011 : SOIT organized the Open Scraper Challenge 2011 in Bratislava. The aim of the event was to create data files for further use of the data published on websites of Slovak ministries and offices.
  • September 2011 : Four members of the National Council of the Slovak Republic have adopted the Copyright Act proposal, drafted by the Society for Open Information Technologies , which would allow the usage of public licenses such as Creative Commons or GNU GPL in Slovakia.
  • September2011 : Organized a press conference concerning the amendment of the Law on Gambling and the introduction of Internet censorship in SR .
  • September 2011 : Co-organized several events and a press conference for Open Source Software Day
  • September 2011 : Through the form of a collective comment ( 2280 supporters ) SOIT successfully objected against Internet censorship in SR . The amendment proposal was withdrawn.
  • July 2011 : We organized a contest for the SOIT and Liberix Prize for the best student project related to open source software and other open technologies in 2011.
  • July 2011 : SOIT in Žilina organized the open source software conference OSSConf2011. The conference consisted of five sections in which 45 contributions were presented.
  • June 2011 : SOIT responded to the unprofessional behavior of SOZA and called upon the Slovak Government to amend the Copyright Act.
  • June 2011 : SOIT initiated the public comment on the proposal to the Law on the Reuse of Information
  • May 2011 : In cooperation with the Slovak Informatics Society SOIT filed a major comment on the ten point manifesto of the Ministry of Finance.
  • March 2011 :By the decision of the Ministry of Finance in February 2011SOIT was given the possibility to represent the " open source community" in the Commission for the standardization of information systems in public administration MoF SR .
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