SOIT Activities in the Year 2013

  Most notable events:


  • January - December 2013: members of SOIT actively cooperated within the Commission for the standardization of information systems in the public administration at the Ministry of Finance SR and its work groups on the drafting of the amendment to the Regulation on Standards for the Public Administration (we prepared proposals for new standards, data for qualification of standards and attended meetings of the Commission). The Regulation draft was submitted for the interdepartmental commenting proceedings. SOIT is also represented in these work groups:

    • PS2 – spatial identification

    • PS3 – website accessibility and Open Data

    • PS4 – new technologies

    • PS4.1-OS – Subgroup for testing the implementation of open source software in the public administration

    • PS6 – eGovernment forms

    • PS10 – security standards

  • December 2013: SOIT commenced negotiations regarding cooperation with the Linux Professional Institute .

  • December 2013: SOIT commented on the decree of the Government Office of the SR which specified many provisions of the eGovernment Act.

  • December 2013: SOIT supported the abolishment of mandatory certification for trusted digital signature software in a comment to the Decree of the National Security Authority of the SR Nr. 134/2009.

  • November 2013: The Orange foundation supported our project Free software in the school day, as part of their granting programme Schools for the future 2013/2014. The project will be conducted from 12/2013 to 8/2014. 

  • October 2013: members of SOIT started translating the book LibreOffice 4.0 Getting Started into the Slovak language. At the end of the year 65% of the text has been translated.

  • September 2013: Members of SOIT attended the LibreOffice Conference with a talk on the interoperability of office applications.

  • July 2013: We organised a contest for the SOIT and Liberix Award for the best student work regarding open source software and other open technologies for the year 2013.

  • July 2013: SOIT organised the open source conference OSSConf2013. The conference had more than 20 talks in four sections.

  • February 2013: SOIT commented on a draft of the eGovernment Act

  • February 2013: SOIT organised the OSS weekend, a weekend conference, in Žilina.

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